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Hi there. I’m Ami, Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and fertility lifestyle expert.

I started Foodbaby after my own struggles to start a family.

Like most couples, my husband and I assumed getting pregnant would be pretty quick, easy and even fun. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for us. We struggled and I had two miscarriages before I was able to finally conceive my daughter.

I found the process really difficult. I thought about getting pregnant and having a baby every single day, maybe even every hour .. but there is only a few days a month when you can actually get pregnant! The rest of the time I felt like it was all so out of my control. I felt really helpless.

Being an Accredited Practicing Dietitian I turned to the science on lifestyle and fertility and realised there was lots of research out there on how your lifestyle affects fertility. But it was often hidden deep in scientific journals.

Many of the more readable blogs and articles were based on old evidence or junk science. When people asked what they should eat on fertility forums they were given unscientific, conflicting or even dangerous advice.

These people (myself included), were desperate to do anything they could to improve their chances of getting pregnant. Their specialists were too busy with medical treatments that lifestyle was often neglected.

So I started Foodbaby and created our courses to make the science around fertility and lifestyle accessible to everyone.

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We want you to feel in control of your fertility and to prepare your body for the healthiest possible pregnancy.

Our Fertility Lifestyle Programs

Our online fertility lifestyle programs are designed and created by our expert Fertility Dietitian, Ami. They are based on years of research and evidence-based behaviour change techniques. Not only do we will step you through the latest scientific evidence on how lifestyle affects fertility, but we also show you how you can start making changes to make your lifestyle more fertility-friendly today.

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