Fertility Freebies

Our fertility freebies are designed to get you started on regaining control of your fertility through diet and lifestyle. They’re a sneak peek into some of the information and tips we share in our webinars, courses and downloads. Make sure you’re also following us on Instagram, where we share lots more free fertility lifestyle advise.

omega 3 Best Fat for Fertility

3 Things You Need to Know About Fats and Fertility.


At Foodbaby we cover a lot of areas of diet and lifestyle and their affect on fertility. But if you’re looking to start making changes to your diet, fat is a great place to start as you can make a big difference by making pretty small changes. Here’d the top 3 things you need to know about fat and fertility.

foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant

Our Guide to Completely Avoiding Trans Fats.


When it comes to nutrition very few pieces of dietary advice are ever clear-cut, except this: trans fats are unhealthy. Studies have also shown a negative impact on both fertility and pregnancy (you can read our trans fat and fertility blog post for more about how trans fat harm fertility). But how do you avoid trans fat in your diet? It’s not actually that easy, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you.

folate and fertility

Top 12 Fertility Foods.


Whether you’re planning to start trying to conceive soon or you’re struggling with infertility and having fertility treatments, including these foods in your diet will help you conceive faster as well as increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy. As an initial goal, try to include everything on the list in a week if you can!